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FLY activities  in 2006 to 2009

 o      Friendly Get-togetherness and Camps without any type of boring formalities    o       Harmonious Cultural Programmes without the distinction between chief guest artist and audience. o       Joyful physiotherapy for physical relaxation and possible improvement.  o       Musical yoga and innovative meditation techniques for mental relaxation.  o       Liberal interactions with celebrities in various fields like literature, art, film, medical, officials etc  o       Outings and mini tour programmes by bringing them from their homes for refreshment.   o       Intimate discussions on their personal and emotional problems and solved up to a certain extend.   o       Helped them to get wheel chairs, other mobility aidsand physical assistance in their urgent need.  o       Distributed minimum chargeable group mobile sim cards to participants in our friendly camp; so they can contact each and other and outside world freely. It gives them great pleasure.  o       Arranged handy-craft and other possible job oriented training classes to make them self sufficient in their earnings and enjoy their lonely day time.  o       Helped the challenged person to fight for right, with the support of efficient law and legal experts.  o       Designed and produced an innovative multipurpose (car seat, closet, mini cot etc.) wheelchair and planning to produce more pieces as per the demands from challenged people.  o   visited many houses of physically challenged persons, providing emotional support to them, making available the services of physicians, technicians and physiotherapists etc. O  Conducted one-day camp named 'Oasis' for physically challenged persons at Bekal Club, Kanhangad in collaboration with HOPE Charitable Trust and TSS Society on November 29, 2008