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What is FLY...?

Several like minded people have discussed the idea of FLY (Freedom for Limitated Youth) and later, it established as a Charitable Trust on 20th September, 2006. Six of the seven founder trustees of the trust are   physically challenged persons.  The Objectives of the trust are to constitute a haven to abode those physically challenged or otherwise neglected people, who lost the life in crippling darkness due to their physical and other limitations, and to make a venue for their enlightenment, re-addressel and rectification. FLY instil self-confidence in them to uplift their morale to bring them to the main stream of the society and make the individuals as men of high efficiency of intelligence, determination and creativity. By last three years, FLY experienced that the happy union of helping hands with these people will bring them to the lime light and enable them to strike at the root of their immobility and make them precious assets of the society. The ultimate aim of FLY is to eradicate the existing distinction between the physically challenged persons and others in the society.